Employee Handbook Template Builder

The Employee Handbook Builder is an affordable, easy-to-use, online tool that allows you to build, update, and customize employee handbooks for your business. Our legal partners provide state-specific policies to subscribers that are reviewed and updated throughout the year.

A true Employee Handbook builder software solution – Our Employee Handbook Builder includes intuitive processes, customization options, and guidance during the entire build process.

Federal and State law compliance Some states have requirements that supersede federal laws on common employee handbook provisions. The Employee Handbook Builder provides special sections for your state in the trickiest areas, like sexual harassment and leaves of absence.

Policy updates – When employment law changes affect your employee handbook, we update policies to comply. We’ll send you an alert with simple instructions on how to add the new language.

Access Online – Access from any browser, anywhere.


Last updated: 1/05/22

– Sexual Harassment Training Policy
– Updates to PTO/Vacation Rules
– Updated Lactation Accommodation
– Includes all Employee Acknowledgement’s required for California

Warning: We do not recommend this template for the following California cities due to complicated wage and industry policies: (Berkeley, Emeryville, Los Angeles City, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica). Also, if your business is in the Ag industry, you might need to speak to a custom handbook specialist due to CA regulations with regards to farm workers. 

CA Handbook – 1 yr Access (Eng)

CA Handbook – 1 yr Access (Eng + Span)

New York

Last updated: 6/10/20

– Sexual Harassment Training Policy and Compliant Forms
– Updated 2020 Sick Leave rules based on size and revenue
– Updated Meal Periods for certain industry’s
– Includes all Employee Acknowledgement’s required for New York

Warning: We do not recommend this template for any businesses located in New York City and/or Westchester County. 

NY Handbook – 1 yr Access (Eng)

New Jersey

Last updated: 6/15/20

– Updated Unlawful Harassment policy
– Updated New Jersey Family Leave (for employers with 30 or more employees)
– Updated Meal Periods for employee’s under 18
– Includes all Employee Acknowledgement’s required for New Jersey

NJ Handbook – 1 yr Access (Eng)


Last updated: 6/13/20

– Updated Unlawful Harassment policy
– Updated Family Leave Policy (for employers with 50 or more employees)
– Updated Meal Periods for employee’s under 18
– Includes all Employee Acknowledgement’s required for Wisconsin

WI Handbook – 1 yr Access (Eng)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I access the builder?
You can access as much as needed throughout the year. This is helpful for updates or if your company changes internal policies or employee counts. 

Does this handbook account for multiple states?
No, all templates are state specific. If your company needs a multi-state handbook, please contact us for more details.

Will I get updates during the year if a law changes? 
Yes, we will issue an email notice to all subscriptions that new policies have been added and that you need to go and update your employee handbook.

Is it State & Federal compliant? 
Yes. Our team of HR and Legal Employee Handbook specialists review each state’s individual laws and apply them to standard federal policies. 

Does it work for all industries?
Yes. We suggest you talk with us for a more customized option if you are a large employer (over 50 employees) or if your business is complex or has lots of industry-specific regulations.

Can I add my own company’s custom policies?
The handbook will come in a Word document. We do not recommend custom changes without the review of an HR professional or attorney. 

Do I need to download separate software?
No. Right after you pay you will be immediately taken to a web-based browser page to start your handbook. 

Can I get a refund on my yearly subscription?
You can get a refund only if you didn’t complete the employee handbook builder.