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10 Hour Construction Safety Certification

This is a certificate course and does not give an Outreach DOL card upon completion. Description The 10 Hour Construction

Background Check and Drug Testing Services

Members Save 20%-30%
Please choose the package and add-ons you would like in your quote. We immediately send your request to our representative to reach out for further details, next steps, and pricing options.

Custom Employee Handbook

A well maintained Employee Handbook is one of the single best defenses against unwarranted employee claims and EEOC issues.

Handbook Review

The report will grade the legality and compliance of your current handbook.

IT Security Assessment

In this day and age, almost every interaction your business has with its clients involves at least some form of technology. And because of this, when technology doesn’t work as intended, or is compromised, it can cause devastating issues for your business and put your sales at risk. This means that your tech equipment and software needs to be in tip-top shape, and when things go wrong, the problems need to be fixed ASAP.

Pandemic Business Recovery Services


Every company, regardless of size, needs someone to help direct them through this pandemic event.  Traiden Global Solutions has activated a Business Recovery Center to assist companies in navigating the major issues that will help them Plan to Stay in Business during the crisis and recover back to a sense of normalcy when the pandemic event is over.

The cost of this service would normally range from $700 - $2800 per month.  We have reduced our fee to help companies manage their Pandemic Response Program.  Our fees are based on the amount of time we anticipate we would spend with each participant.  We are committed to maintaining this service open throughout the pandemic crisis.  We ask that members continue with the membership until the Pandemic Event is declared over or manageable.

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